15 Things All Parents Wished Their Friends Without Kids Knew

Becoming a parent changes so many things, it is hard to just go about life like everything is the same. But just because so many dynamics of your life have changed doesn’t mean that you’re in a place where you want to just lose all of your friendships. This list is like a cheat sheet saying, “I really still want to be friends so these are the main things that you should know about the way my life is set up at this point.” Our children take on this new role and fill so much space in our lives but we still need the people that knew us before; because inside we still are those people and it’s nice to be reminded.


When you are a parent truly there is no plan that is 100% concrete. Everything is subject to change because literally anything could happen in a day. Seriously people, we don’t make this crap up to avoid leaving the house. I do not care how long we have had this plan or how big this plan is, my kid could get sick and need me. Or my kid could get into something and put me in a panic on if they are poisoned or not. Or even something as simple as maybe I am ready to leave the house and on the last goodbye I get puked on and maybe I could just quickly change but maybe that threw me into an adult tantrum because that is just the story of my life right now. Please don’t feel like you are being dodged that is not the case. And maybe even take the pressure off of them, ask them if they would like to reschedule when they are texting you the horror story of their day, that way they don't have to always be the one and add guilt onto their plate of crazy.


If we have plans together and you are sick or just have symptoms, please let me know because you may feel up to going out but I need to weigh the risk of if I want to catch what you have and then pass it on to my kid. Because as an adult catching something is one thing but when you pass it to your kid, that could potentially mean that I am not sleeping for a week and I have to fit the bill for a few co-pays and prescriptions. Let me just tell you that Taco Tuesday and an adult conversation is not worth all that. This rule especially applies if you are going to be around my kid. I need to know what you think is going on behind that sniffle. This also avoids me treating you like the plague because I don’t know what you got.


If I am present then please leave bossing around my child up to me. The last thing a parent needs is to have multiple voices instructing their child because that does not help. Now if we happen to be looking away and our child is about to electrocute themselves, by all means speak up. But correction in general, please leave it to me. There are adults in my family that have permission to instruct or correct my child but that is because they are family. When you are a friend and you also don’t have children of your own that is pretty sensitive.

THE WORST is when parents are at stores and their kids are doing something questionable and instead of the store employee asking me to get my kid under control (politely), they begin talking to my kid in front of me. That is one way to take the proper right out of me and I will go all the way there with you. This may just be my family but I seriously don’t need random strangers telling my kid what to do.


There is one thing that will pretty much ensure that a pre-children relationship fails and that is when the party without kids shows no interest in your child. They don’t ever express a desire to see your child and even worse they don’t ever ask you about them. I think this is easy to forgive in the beginning because it is all so new to everyone but after a while it becomes increasingly noticeable. If you are the person that is always waiting on an invitation, it just really looks like you don’t care. And although there are a lot of other still important things in my life, my child takes the cake. So if you don’t care and are not interested, I will definitely lose interest in you.


Try not to ask us to eat out all of the time. Eating out before kids meant you got to fully relax and enjoy your meal while someone else prepared it and served it to you. But once you have kids and more specifically a restless toddler, eating out means trying to get your child to stay still beyond their 5 minute barrier. Juggling cheap crayons and the judgmental glances of people who believe you should have better control is one of the most stressful things for parents to endure. Maybe offer to come by, order take out, because then we can enjoy a meal together in the comfort of a home that we have pretty much accepted will eventually be destroyed by our child.


This one is hard. I think parents should be made aware if an event is not kid friendly so they can themselves choose to get a baby sitter or bow out. But what is never really fun is for someone who doesn’t have kids to always ask you or tell you to get a babysitter. It’s time away from your child that people just assume is welcome and it is also an expense that they are not thinking about. So just be mindful of this. We don’t always need a break, sometimes sitting around and just watching our kid is the only entertainment we need so maybe come and enjoy that with us.


I understand that some people have chosen to get pets, maybe because they are not ready for kids yet or maybe in their season of trying they wanted to get a pet to love and take care of. And when don’t yet have kids, your pets are your kids. But when you do have kids there is an obvious and immediate distinction. So one thing that is difficult to bear is to talk to your friends about taking care of your child, the daily demands and how it has changed their life. Then for the friend to immediately parallel it to them taking care of their dog. Or if I am showing you pictures of the child that I birthed from my very body, please just wait a few moments until you pivot to showing me pictures of your animal doing something cute. It is just a tad demeaning to my human child.


If you do end up convincing me to brave the great wide public environment of dining out, consider one thing that will make the entire experience much more pleasant. Do not choose a high top for us to sit at with our child. I would like to enjoy this moment with you, but the entire time all that I will be concerned about is making sure my child doesn’t plummet to their death. That may seem dramatic to you, but most restaurant floors are concrete.


I know that before you have kids you think you have a pretty good idea of the type of parent that you are going to be and the type of child you will raise. And there are a lot of things if you truly believe in them, you can implement them when you do have kids and we will see how that goes. BUT please do not give me parenting advice by telling me how you are going to do things differently when you become a parent. Chances are that everything changes and nothing is like you thought it would be. Not only is it embarrassing when your child literally runs your life, it’s embarrassing to remember the things you said you would never do. Trust me, I have been there.


When we are together and I am juggling our conversation and my child, yes I may seem a little more distracted than in the past before I had kids and I was all ears. I really do care and I really am listening, I am also just making sure that my tiny human 1) Stays alive and 2) Doesn’t sneak off and burn down my home. It may seem like I am failing as a parent to not be teaching my children that they are to be seen and not heard but I didn’t have them to ignore them. If you really need my undivided attention then we will have to figure out a time to make that happen but if not just try and be patient with me. I am trying to learn to balance two people that I love very much. If i didn’t love you, I wouldn’t even try.