Arise in Faith - Welcome

This page will be so extremely important to me because my relationship with God is the number 1 relationship in my life. There is nothing that I am more thankful for or that is more vital to my life than my personal walk with my lord and savior. I have been through some dark places and I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am today without his guiding light. I can’t wait to share with you things that I am learning and experiencing with God. This poem is just a preview, I wrote this in my quiet time with God this week . As I sat outside on a beautiful fall day I just soaked his presence and this flowed out. ENJOY!

I’ve never been in a place so perfect

In a moment as special as this

Here with you God

I think you wrote this moment to romance me

I can feel you all around me

I can tell you painted the sky for me

And then you lit up the sun

I can tell you moved the winds to me

when that wind dances with me

I become undone

I bet you knew I would come here

this very moment with you

I bet you knew that id love this

I’m amazed by all of the things you do

You make my moments perfect God

But none will be as special as this