June 8, 2018

I am going to be using polls more on my Instagram because it really does help me to know what people are interested in. I did a poll yesterday asking if anyone is interested in some of the recipes I am using while on my Protein (More specifically Low Carb diet). Now I chose this diet because anytime I have done it I have seen great results. For me it is something I do short term to get down to a desired weight. And the best long term results I have seen with it was when at the end I added more of the “good carbs” into my diet instead of just going back to normal. Also when I am able to be consistent with working out that always helps.

But as a quick and serious reminder - I am not a dietitian so please don’t try a diet like this just based off of my...

March 26, 2018

What I have learned from Decluttering My Home:

1. Less is not always more. I say that because it could be offensive to say the blanket statement of less is more. There are people actually out there living their lives on less and I just don’t think that they would agree. But before I decluttered my home I operated in an eclectic decorating style which was my excuse to just have stuff everywhere. No empty square footage or wall space in my home. For a long time I liked that because it made me feel at home but then slowly and surely I began to feel claustrophobic in my own home. After going through this process I still have to fight back the urge to over decorate but it has now made my home feel more light and airy and I love it.

2. If you forgot you had...

December 1, 2017

I don’t care how old you are, it is always ok to be extra on your birthday. Don’t feel
bad for wanting to celebrate yourself, on your birthday. One thing that I have
learned is that the more clear you are about what you want, the less of a chance
there is for you to be disappointed. So many people wait on the people around them
to get the hint of how they want to be celebrated and well meaning people
sometimes just don’t get the clue. All of a sudden your birthday comes and goes and
you feel like its just another year. If that’s what you want that is fine but for me that
was not acceptable!! I want to recognize each year of my life with excitement and
thankfulness and I want to do it surrounded by the people that I love.

So I began to plan my own bi...

November 29, 2017

This is a section for your everyday how to’s. I cannot give you one genre because I will be sharing from a lot of different angles on several different topics. I will even take suggestions or some things people would like to see. My first issue of HOW TO will be posted in just a few short days.

HOW TO: Plan A Birthday To Remember!!!

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