April 1, 2019

Becoming a parent changes so many things, it is hard to just go about life like everything is the same. But just because so many dynamics of your life have changed doesn’t mean that you’re in a place where you want to just lose all of your friendships. This list is like a cheat sheet saying, “I really still want to be friends so these are the main things that you should know about the way my life is set up at this point.” Our...

January 26, 2019

I remember laying there

Looking at this picture on the wall

There were two or three 

But this one, my focus had it all

It had a beautifully painted sunset

That easily flowed into a shore line

And in the middle of that dream scenery

There was a sail boat

And I found myself focusing on that picture

Wanting to be there

And it didn’t matter where it was

It was somewhere

Just Not there

I wanted to be somewhere so far

That the scene where I was w...

January 3, 2019

So here is the thing, I am a “new mom” of a beautiful baby girl. But to be honest, when I found out that I was having a girl I bawled. For one I had finally let go of control and went forward into starting a family and mainly because of all of the confirmation I got, pointed to a little baby boy. I just knew I would have boys and then maybe I would try for a girl, maybe. I had three very strong boy names picked out and I talke...

September 19, 2018

Ladies, I can’t help but start off like this. Pause before reading, click on this video clip below of Bootylicious by Destiny's Child.  Listen to just the first twenty seconds and imagine me saying your name (as if my voice sounded like theirs). “Jennifer, can you handle this?” I don’t think you can handle this, because my bodies to babylicious for ya!




Whatever changes, curves, dr...

July 20, 2018

I was due on July 19th 2017 with my first daughter. My pregnancy had zero complications and I felt great. There were things that I experienced that caught me off guard but all were very normal. I had zero fear going into delivery because not only did I know that everything was going to be okay I had also been speaking over my delivery with affirmations for some time.

I went in for my final sonogram and check on the 18th the day...

March 3, 2018

In my life on a pretty consistent basis I deal with young single people. My husband and I run a mentorship program and although we primarily focus on helping people reach their financial goals, mentorship tends to bleed over into every area of their lives. What I see often is people longing to be in a relationship so bad. The most common desire in both men and women is wanting to find that person that is going to “complete the...

November 29, 2017

I cannot wait to share with you all on the topics of marriage and motherhood. I am so honored everyday that God chose me to be a wife and a mother to the two most awesome people in the whole world. I have been married for 8 years now and I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on things, but I am always learning and always growing in this area. I want to share about the things I have learned so far and the reasons why we are co...

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